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M A R K E T 

We have a meat and deli section where all products are halal. We have chicken, beef, lamb, goat, and veal (baby cow) for the meat section, and in the deli section we offer feta cheeses, home-made labne, and a variety of deli meats. Our beef is grass-fed, our chickens are free-ranged, and we also carry organic whole-chickens and breast. We do NOT carry any pork products.

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Besides our meat and deli section, we have a produce section where you can find different herbs along with a variety of fresh vegetables, and fruits. We do carry some seasonal fruits when they are in season (such as: figs, sour orange, generics (sour plums), yellow dates, and more)! Our produce products come from California, along with our meats. We have a large selection of different products from different parts of the Middle East. All our products are halal certified, and we do NOT carry any pork or alcoholic products. Come on in today and see what we have in stock!

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